Sunshine Building Bridges

Sunshine Building Bridges is a complete holistic foster care programme for children at risk of forced labour exploitation, sexual abuse and drug use due to family circumstances. Most of the families we work with have been struggling with extreme poverty and lack of resources, often in addition to poor health, including HIV.

Sunshine Women's Group

Sunshine Women group is a women’s empowerment programme focused to grass-roots initiatives, health and wellbeing, table banking and community environment issues. Most of the members have merger income and struggle with issues like domestic violence and alcoholism in the family, leaving them unable to provide for their children.

Rainbow Young Mothers Project

Teenage pregnancy can be isolating and traumatising if one has no support around them. We would like to a community of support to encourage young mothers create their own strength-based support plans and access to life skills programme.

Sharks’ Talent Academy

With so few local creative resources young people can be at risk of looking for support and community from street gangs. This project gives our young people the chance to express themselves and explore their talents in a way which can help build their confidence at a key transitional time in their lives.Providing them a safe place where they can enjoy themselves having fun with their friends, giving them a sense of identity and taking control of their lives through informed choices. Alongside this we offer a mentoring scheme to help those who have fallen out of education find alternative vocational skills and prevent possible future hazards, and to envision their longer-term goals and aspirations.