Sunshine Building Bridges

Rafiki Home’s Sunshine Building Bridges project is a complete care programme for children at risk of forced labour exploitation, sexual abuse and drug use due to family circumstances. Most of the families we work with have been struggling with extreme poverty and lack of resources, often in addition to poor health, including HIV. The main source of HIV infection in Kenya is through mother to child transmission and bartering sex for food among adolescents.

We work with these families to provide children with a safe and secure environment, where they can go to school and take part in programmes to build their confidence. We make sure they get the healthcare they need so they can make the most of their opportunities and start to make healthier choices about their lives. Some of the children in our project have been orphaned and were living with extended family. We encourage these family links too, and hold regular family days when all relatives are invited to the centre to watch the children showcase their talents in a performance, and to join them in some of the group activities.


  • Basic Needs
  • Health Access
  • Education
  • Emotional Wellbeing
  • Academic Resilience framework