We have great volunteer opportunities whether you are looking to work with children, youth or women, RafikiHome has a volunteer program just for you. Become one of the first 100 Volunteers to claim a RafikiHome Volunteer Award


RafikiHome Children have come from extreme poverty, they are at risk of missing out on crucial opportunities including good education, social and family connections , learn key lessons in life and lack of playtime. Building Bridges programme facilitates Rafiki’s to sponsor a child and be part of the
transformation of the child.

Blackboard engagement

We encourage participation from local professionals including Social workers, Health workers Teachers, counsellors to come and spend a day with us and share their skills to enhance our knowledge and awareness in different capacities. Book a day with us.

Strategic Partners

We would like to collaborate with partners from different fields to offer our children a one day taster of what it is like to work in their field of expertise. This will help the child identify and develop their dream career.. Kindly subscribe your company

RafikiHome Sponsor

RafikiHome hosts two fundraising events per year. The “Walk with Me” and Sharks talent Youth award ceremony. These two events offer the opportunity for sponsorship at different levels.

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